Why Essential Oils?

There are hundreds of toxic chemicals you are exposed to every day. Just open 3 cabinets, pull out a product (cleaning, personal care, etc.) and check out the ingredients. Pick an ingredient from each one that you don't know and google "dangers of..." followed by the name of the ingredient. OK, now that you see how serious this problem is, let me offer you a solution. :) You can't control everything you're exposed to, but you CAN control what you allow into your home. There are simple and affordable ways to eliminate most of those products from your home. Let me teach you how!

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Best Place to Start!

The number one question people ask about essential oils is "where do I start?"  With over 300 oils available to us, it can get a bit overwhelming to know where to begin your journey of chemical free living.  That's why I LOVE Young Living's Premier Starter Kits!  It's the only thing that is sold for half price and you receive enough oils to support every system in your body.  It even comes with a diffuser, product samples, and other great stuff to help you get started.

What else comes with your membership?  ME!  My goal is to help educate you on the safest, best ways to use your new essential oils.

Why wait?  Get started today by ordering your Premier Starter kit.  I'll contact you once you've ordered to help you get the most out of your oils!

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